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'Allied' Review makes comparison to The Kingdom of the Air

An SBS Review of the Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard WW2 thriller elicited the comment below:

I saw this beautiful creation a few nights ago. I love the colours, clothes and music of this era but the main thing this movie did for me was remind me graphically of a great book I recently read. 'The Kingdom of the Air' by Australian author C.T. Wells, published in 2016, tells the story of the battle of Britain in 1940 from the unusual perspective of a South African Luftwaffe pilot who is torn between his comrades and the resistance fighters he is compelled to serve after being shot down and captured in England. Some of the scenes in Allied, such as an English Lysander landing in secret in occupied France could have been taken from Wells' novel. If you enjoyed Allied and enjoy a great book, then I thoroughly recommend 'The Kingdom of the Air'. ISBN 978-1-925139-66-2

Rae Sweasey

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